Precision and reproducibility in pipetting of liquids is always a challenge in a manual process. 

Especially the transfer of viscous substances on a precise manner is a tricky procedure.

Zinsser Analytic has invented automated systems, which ensures fast processes with high pipetting 

precision even in ultra-small volumes. 

Pipetting of viscous liquids is easily and precisely possible with our ViscTool®.

ils chromatography   

Liquid handling solutions for your lab

ILS (Innovative Labor Systeme) is a leading producer of glass syringes for laboratories and equipment manufacturers. We offer an impressive range of more than 1000 types of high-precision micro-syringes for use in numerous applications, such as chromatography, spectroscopy, preparing standard solutions, manual applications, autosamplers, diluters, dispensers and other liquid handling instruments. Learn more.

We are pleased to present our recently released products!
Our products are equivalent to OEMs such as 
 Agilent ® , Waters® and Shimadzu®.

Gas Chromatography (GC) coupled to Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS)  

Complex analyte mixtures like for example food, flavours, natural gas and environmental applications often demand a second and independent separation step in order to seperately analyse the multiplicity of compounds at lowest (ppb) concentration levels. To overcome the limitation of IMS with regard to separation efficiency G.A.S. equips almost all of its IMS systems with gas chromatographic (GC) columns. The volatile compounds of samples under testing are pre-separated in time by a GC column. The discrete compounds elute directly into the IMS ionization chamber, so that analyte and/or ion interactions and a competition of analytes on the reactand ions can be avoided. This set-up enhances the sensitivity of the detector towards individual compounds. The GC-IMS setup enables a twofold separation of analyte mixtures and the detection by the IMS electrometer. Since the IMS measurements are extremely fast (30ms / spectrum) a continuous and high-resolution recording of analyte signals is provided. Shown figure sketches the GC-IMS sample flow and detection leading to a 3D-dataset of GC- and IMS separation, same as the corresponding intensity which are processed using G.A.S. Laboratory Analytical Viewer (LAV) and additional software tools.