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UV/VIS Spectrophotometer
Wide range of UV/VIS Spectrophotometer
Liquid Handling
Dispensers, Pipettes, Pipette Fillers
ATEX certified stirrer
Wide range of ATEX certified stirrer
Dewar flasks
DEWAR Vessels
Magnetic stirrers, Hotplate magnetic stirrers, Vortex mixers,
 Overhead stirrers
Laboratory Autoclaves
Laborators Autoclaves



Vials and caps


Our portfolio contains autosampler vials and caps for HPLC and GC for all common instrument manufacturers, such as Waters, Agilent, Shimadzu and others. It is completed by lab accessories, like vial containers and racks or crimpers / decappers. Storage vials for liquid or powdery samples are available as well. Read more



Save the time, expense, and hassle of oil-seal vacuum pumping with ChemStar Dry – a cutting edge product from Welch Vacuum Technology. Consult your Welch Representative for more information on ChemStar Dry.

CRVpro Direct Drive Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump


The new CRVpro family of direct drive vacuum pumps offers increased reliability and longer service interval vs. other direct drive rotary vane vacuum pumps. The CRVpro family consumes up to 36% less oil than comparable pumps. 

Three features drive these benefits: 

 - Runs 10°C cooler than comparable pumps. Slows corrosion. 

 - Has a 40% larger oil capacity than comparable pumps. Dilutes aggressive chemicals. 

 - Has a chemical resistant coating in the oil case and pump module. Protects non-moving parts. 

The CRVpro family includes all the features you'd expect in a direct drive rotary vane pump: gas ballast, forced oil lubrication, anti-suckback mechanism and thermal overload protection. Suitable applications include freeze drying, degassing, vacuum ovens and concentrators. 3161-01 is wired for North American 115V, 60Hz operation. Includes North American line cord, vacuum inlet hose barb suitable for gum rubber hose from 5/8" to 3/4" ID, and a charge of oil. 3162-01 is wired for European 230V, 50Hz operation. Includes 230V North American line cord, UK cord, and skuko cord, and a charge of oil. Direct drive pumps are not recommended for filtration, aspiration, drying electrophoresis gels, or other applications requiring sustained operation above 30 torr.

S series, the world’s first black Titanium mirror stainless steel bench-top ultrasonic bath, is meant to be the most dazzling star among the numerous commercial ultrasonic cleaners. The titanium black mirror stainless steel plate represents the superior quality and texture of the tank surface, also makes the surface easy to be cleaned and scratch resistance. And there won’t be any fingerprints left onGT SONIC

Ultrasonic cleaners provide fast, efficient and consistent method of removing a wide variety of contaminants from many different items. They are widely used for cleaning dental, veterinary and medical instruments, clocks and watches, jewellery, carburettors, tattooing and countless industrial applications. All the models satisfy the highest quality standards with compact and reliable products, essential for fast, deep cleaning of any article having an irregular surface or with a particularly complex shape. 

Dental Ultrasonic Cleaner

Medical Ultrasonic Cleaner

Jewelry Ultrasonic Cleaner

Laboratory Ultrasonic Cleaner

3D Printing Ultrasonic Cleaner

CPS Disk Centrifuge



Particle Size CPS Disc Centrifuge,

The world's fastest, highest resolution, and most sensitive centrifugal sedimentation particle size analyzers. Measure virtually any type of particle, between 0.002 and 75 microns, at 2 to 10 times better resolution than any other particle sizing instrument, regardless of measurement technique.

The minimum reportable peak width can be less than 2% of peak diameter. Here are a few of the many applications where the CPS Disc Centrifuge can be used:


  ·        Polymer latexes and emulsions

  ·        Fillers (CaCO3, clay, barites, etc.)

  ·        SiO2 dispersions

  ·        Abrasives (of all types)

 ·        Oil emulsions


  ·        Virus particles/virus-like particles

  ·        Cells (culture) and cell fragments

  ·        Protein clusters

  ·        Liposome's

  ·        Particles in diagnostic tests

  ·        Micro-encapsulated drugs


  ·        Micro-abrasives

  ·        CMP compounds for integrated circuits

Printing and painting:

  ·        Pigments - water and oil based

  ·        Micro-fiber paint viscosity modifiers

  ·        Printer/copier toner powders Inkjet inks

  ·        Carbon black

  ·        Magnetic iron oxide


Micro-spheres / Agglomeration patterns  / Starch/flour particles


OPTIC4 is a highly advanced Gas Chromatograph multi mode inlet system with sophisticated temperature and gas flow control that can be used for the most demanding Gas Chromatograph analyses. The OPTIC has a long history starting from 1992. The current version OPTIC-4 can be used for hot injections, cold injections, large volume, on-column injections, in liner derivatisation, thermal desorbtion, pyrolysis and more.

 Starting from Evolution Workstation software version 4.5.1 it is even possible to control a Deans’ Switch or flow  modulator with the OPTIC Multi-Mode Inlet.  

Cold Injections

 Large Volume Injections (Solvent Vent)

 Thermal Desorption

 Pyrolysis (liquid and solid)

 In-injector Thermochemolysis

 Cryogenic trap

 On-column injections

 Deans’ Switch control

                                    GCxGC Modulation control

                                   Gas Control is compatible with Ethyl Acetate, THF and Acetone

                                   Compatible with PAL SPME-Arrow

The patented* design of the injector body helps to have the best transfer of the compounds from the inlet onto the analytical column. This can be seen both for volatile and non-volatile compounds. OPTIC-4 Multi Mode Inlet can cool very fast because of the low thermal mass. The GC inlet system can work from cryogenic temperatures (-150°C) up to very high temperatures (600°C) with a ramp rate up till 60°C/sec. Depending on solvent type, liner type and injection speed it is possible to inject from 0.1µl till 500µl in the OPTIC inlet. With the optional inlet peltier cooler it is possible to cool faster and reach initial temperatures of 7°C

The OPTIC-4 can be configured in different versions, options are; CryoTrap, Auxiliary Electronic Flow or Pressure Control, LN2 or CO2 cooling and also a standalone CryoTrap. The OPTIC-4 can also be supplied in custom build versions, from single version to OEM version. A special version with compatible inlet for the industry standard Ľ“ thermal desorption tubes or custom size liners. For special inlets the heating specifications may be different 

different inlets 

GC Accessories 

LD239 is used for checking gas leakage when replacing a capillary column in a Gas Chromatograph or other tubing at the Gas Chromatograph. LD239 detects gas leakage and indicates by LED and LCD, and also alarms immediately. GL Sciences’ Gas Leak Detector LD239 adapts thermal conductivity technique between target gases and referential gas. Being the smallest, lightest and the most sensitive on the market, the LD239 detects up to 0.0005mL/min of helium gas. With the USB port, the LD239 can be recharged easily anywhere

Leak detector




                                            Innovative lab automation solutions for in-vitro diagnostic analysis
Zinsser Analytic’s automated lab platforms are widely used throughout the medical industry as well as diagnostic labs, and every platform is designed for customers specific processes.

Examples of automation include:

§ Sterile filling of cell culture media  

§ Sample taking from bioreactors 

§ Blood diagnostic sample preparation


In diagnostic several procedures are applied for determination of e.g. phenotypes of leukemia. For staining blood cells immunophenotyping is used often. The staining process has been automated by Zinsser Analytic. Stock solution, staining buffer, buffer solution and vials with blood films (or bone marrow or spinal fluid) are positioned on the workbench prior to starting the method.

Sterile Filling of Cell Culture Media

For certain cell based experiments, traditional and commercially available cell culture media require addition of specific substances such as cytokines. The preparation of this media with additives is performed under sterile conditions to prevent contamination. Zinsser Analytic designed an automated platform to carry out this time consuming and tedious task.

Giemsa staining

Giemsa staining Giemsa staining is an important diagnostic tool applied for staining the chromosomes of cells for the determination of leukemia phenotypes and identification of parasites like malaria or toxoplasmosis. Specialized oncology or hematology laboratories are faced with large amounts of samples that need fast processing. Prior to process the Giemsa stock solution, staining buffer, buffer solution and slides with blood films are placed onto the workbench.

OEM Vacuum Pumps and Compressors Technologies

Thomas Provide the Widest Range of Technologies for OEM Vacuum Pumps and OEM Air Compressors for All Vacuum and Pneumatic Applications