Vials are the least expensive component of your LC- or GC-System, but can be the biggest contributor to problems that you encounter such as

- Mechanical problems
- Sample draw volume reproducibility
- Septum dislodging or coring
- Injector damage / Robotics malfunction
- Excessive residual sample volumes
- Chemical problems
- Evaporative loss
- Ghost peaks / extractables
- Sample / analyte degradation

It is important to understand the specific requirements that analytical instrumentation places on vials and accessories. CTC Analytics recommends the approved suppliers below, which provide a wide selection of high-quality, innovatively-designed glass vials, plastic vials, screw and snap cap with different septum options for your PAL-xt autosampler. They also offer a selection of 96-well collection plates and associated cap mats and low-volume glass inserts.

Factors such as sample preparation, detection method, mobile phase, analyte structure and volatility play an important role in determining the appropriate vial and septa for your applications. To aid you in choosing the correct products, the approved suppliers produced in conjunction with CTC Analytics special brochures which outline the different PAL-xt compatible vials, caps and seals.



Kit, Clr 8-425 Vial, Black Cap & PTFE Septa 08-1010K



Glass, Clear Plastic, All Attached Springs Silanization Type



PTFE Disk FEP / Natural Rubber FEEP / Butyl Tefzel / Burnt Red Silicon Teflon / Silicon (incl. Pre-Cut Teflon / Silicone / Teflon